Couples Therapy

“It is necessary that the heroic becomes daily and the daily becomes heroic.”

—Zélie Martin
Whether you are married, dating, or engaged, taking some time to focus on your relationship with a trained professional can be one of the best investments of your life. My focus with couples centers on the need to be genuine, honest, and realistic with each other. Some of the areas commonly worked through in session include:
  • effective communication
  • parenting challenges
  • blending families
  • infidelity recovery
  • work/life balance
  • emotional connection
  • sexual intimacy
  • boundaries with in-laws, friends and each other
  • navigating life transitions

Premarital Counseling

Let’s pause on talking about The Big Day for a moment and talk about The Big Lifetime together. My premarital counseling package is a little bit different than traditional couples’ counseling. As a trained FOCCUS facilitator, I have my clients take an inventory that assesses their compatibility in many different domains. We will have five sessions together that go over any discrepancies that need to be discussed in areas of lifestyle expectations, intimacy, families of origin, problem solving, communication and more. Truly there is no better way to go into a healthy, happy marriage than putting all this out on the table beforehand!


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