• Individual/couple/family therapy: $150/50min
  • Premarital prep package (five, 50 minute sessions): $600
  • Couple Intensives: contact for details
  • Consulting: $150/50min, pro-rated sessions may be available
    • Tier 1 Package: $250
      1. Initial 50 minute consultation
      2. One page summary of meeting, goals, and action plan
      3. Ongoing email support for one month
    • Tier 2 Package: $500
      1. Initial 50 minute consultation
      2. One page summary of meeting, goals, and action plan
      3. One 50 minute follow-up appointment
      4. Ongoing email support and limited text/phone support for one month
  • Workshops/speaking: Contact for details.
  • Good Faith Estimate Statement

Questions & Answers

Why Don’t You Accept Insurance?

I came into this field wanting to be able to practice in a way that is 100% designed for the client’s best interest— not your HMO’s best interest. Your mental health care should be between the therapist you want to choose and you. Period. It shouldn’t be regulated by diagnoses, mandated session limitations, limited providers, or sharing of any information you don’t want shared. Additionally, many insurance providers will not cover couples work or family therapy. Note that I am able to provide an invoice for my services which you can try to submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement with an out-of-network provider.

Is Telehealth Effective?

Yes. It can be very effective for many people… but not all. There are certain mental health conditions or relationship situations that are not well suited for online therapy and this will be screened before we begin our work together. In all honesty, in-person sessions are the best situation whenever possible and I think it’s disingenuous to pretend both are exactly the same. But more important than being in person, is finding the right person, whether that therapist is live or on a screen. For some people, in-person sessions are impossible due to rural living, parenting obligations, work schedules, age or medical conditions. And I am so grateful to live in a time when my reach can be broadened to the entire state of Washington because of the HIPAA secured platforms I use for my e-sessions.

Should I do Consulting or Therapy?

Depends. Therapy is for exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to gain insight into patterns and blindspots that may be impacting your quality of life. It’s designed to be a supportive place to deepen personal growth and gain new skills for positive change. Consulting is for solutions-focused, strategic planning on very specific issues. People hire a consultant when they need expert opinion on matters such as leadership, communication, career development, or parenting. Not every person or situation is right for consulting and this will be screened out before we work together. Consulting is not a mental health service but it is available to be offered across state lines via phone or video. To have me as your therapist however, you must either live in Washington State or be willing to drive to my office (just a couple minutes north of Portland, OR) in downtown Vancouver.

What’s With the ‘Neuroscience’ in Your Slogan?

I’m not a doctor. I am a mental health clinician and consultant. And excellent clinicians pay attention to more than just emotions and experiences; they are also aware of how relationships, traumas and attachment wounds impact the brain itself, in ways that show up in certain behaviors. Having an awareness of the signals our bodies give us, can help us to become more emotionally regulated and integrate our past in a meaningful way.

Why Should I Choose You?

Maybe you shouldn’t! I am definitely not the right provider for every, single person and have no aspiration to be. Humans are unique in their needs and it’s important that we both feel our time together to be well spent.  Finding the right therapist is incredibly important and if I’m not the one, I’m happy to point you to others who might be. The right kind of clients for me are ones looking for a straight shooter. Who aren’t afraid of being challenged while being supported. Who can handle awkward analogies sometimes and who welcomes the healing power of laughter into our sessions. If you want someone to cheerlead you through really poor decisions and disordered thinking, there are other people better suited for that. But if you are looking for a therapist who is patient, compassionate, direct, strategic… and 100% authentic, that’s me.

Do You See Children or Teens?

Because of the unique nature of child therapy, that is not a service I provide. I do work with teens age 16 or older in rare circumstances, and with a strong preference for live sessions for minors. Otherwise, family therapy that includes young people or parent/child dynamics are something I do welcome. Please inquire for more information about this.

How Long Will This Take?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer. In short: it depends. Some people have very specific goals and a strong determination to invest themselves in the work of improving their situation, and for them, therapy can last a couple of months! Others are looking for broader support, or exploring larger life themes that have them in my office for more than a year. Therapy can be very solution-focused and short-term, or it can be a standing space for you to simply allow yourself time to just be you, without needing to take care of anyone but yourself. This is your time. 

For consulting, sessions are done at-will. Some people may just need one session and some may need a few or more in order to develop a comprehensive plan around their issue and to get follow-up support with its implementation. 

More Questions?

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